• Social Media Integration

    Getting found is only the first step in marketing your site. The next step is to enable your users to share in the experience. This includes the ability to both keep up with what your doing and share the experience with all their friends!

  • Domain Name Registration

    All website design services include one year of free domain name registration. We will help you choose and acquire the right domain name to attract customers, and/or assist you with transferring your existing domain if you have one.

  • Design & Revision

    All our website design services include an additional 10 FREE hours of design and revision beyond the initial layout. This gives you an opportunity to tweak colors, fonts, and images, and fine tune your site so it’s just the way you want it. If you need additional hours, rest easy, as they’re charged at a low hourly rate.

  • Web Presence Consulting

    We will analyze your existing and future web presence needs and develop a plan to help keep your web presence alive and dynamic.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Good design doesn’t just include effective graphics and layout. You need to have a website that ranks well on search engines like Google and Bing. My website design services include built-in SEO techniques that help customers find you again and again.

  • Custom Web Design

    We will design your website using the state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS), which is easy to update automatically. Best of all, with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tools, it will look good, enabling you to attract and keep your audience.

Custom Software Solutions

Extending the traditional boundaries of development, we bring together specialists across a wide range of disciplines including User Experience, Content Strategy, Data Analytics, SEO, PPC and more, to deliver a tailored, comprehensive strategy that maximises exposure and impact far beyond the delivery of your product. Tight integration between each phase of your project is achieved through the adoption of an Agile web development framework that promotes flexibility, communication and collaboration, while maintaining a shared understanding of the project’s vision across all stakeholders.

Creative, pragmatic and technology agnostic, GloryKidd Technologies develops exciting and engaging high-performance software applications, websites and products. Our award-winning service helps clients across the globe react to changing market conditions and customer demands with the speed, scale and flexibility required to maximise returns.

Make sure your digital strategy delivers against user and business expectations by partnering with world-renowned technical experts to provide value through every online interaction. Our Agile software developers are skilled in a vast range of technologies, from the cutting-edge to the more familiar tried and tested. With decades of experience we know what’s most appropriate for your particular requirements and how to derive optimum results from the technology we employ; whether enterprise-class integration or best-of-breed open-source solutions.

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Web Services

Every website should be as unique as the owner. We can help you develop the online presence you need to build your business the way you want. We offer a complete line of packages to fit every need and budget. We provide service offerings that can increase traffic to your site, better integration with Social Media, and Search Engine Optimazations. We specialize in tailoring our service to make your vision a reality!

Equally as important as building the right statement for your business, is the power to deliver that message to the world. GloryKidd Technologies offers a full range of services tailored specifically to meet your needs and budget! We cover all the features that our customers expect and need to promote their message loud and clear. Hosting plans are tailored to give you the maximum value on a budget price.

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Meet the team

Who‘s behind GloryKidd's Masterpieces?

David Nuckolls

David Nuckolls has been programming for over 25 years. Dave is fluent in .net, RoR, php, and more. Dave began GloryKidd Technologies LLC in 1995. His goal is to provide exceptional quality service to his customers and digital solutions to his customer's IT problems.

Allison Nuckolls

Allison Nuckolls is the Business Manager for GloryKidd Technologies LLC. She joined GloryKidd Technologies in 2006. Allison has a background in teaching. She also believes in providing great customer service and looks forward to bridging the needs of customers with the GloryKidd staff.

Benjamin Thurston

Ben Thurston began programming in 2009. In 2012, he received an Associate Degree of Computer Science Software Development Technology degree from ITT Technical Institute. He is fluent in the following computer languages, C#, .Net, Ruby on Rails, Java, HTML and CSS. He has a passion for people and for programing.

John Gilliland

Senior Engineer
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