Turley Richards

Turley Richards is a talented West Virgina-born singer-songwriter and producer who has been on the verge of stardom several times, only to remain a well kept secret.

Turley's Place

I first met David Nuckolls over 12 years ago and over the years, we have become not only business associates, but also great friends. I have never worked with anyone quite as professional and detail oriented as David, who also adds the personal touch and caters to his clients' individual needs.

I am an international recording artist and seasoned producer, who has interacted with many record labels and managers, but no one has been more hands-on making sure that I have everything that I need.

Being a blind man in a technologically advanced world, causes lots of problems that most sighted people have difficulty conceptualizing. As a small example, consider my screen reader for my computer: I was having difficulties learning the system, and most likely would have given up on the computer world, but what did David do? He studied the program (JAWS), and taught me the finer details of how to use it, which provided me a link to the sighted world that I had never before realized. Whenever I am "stuck," David cheerfully accesses my computer via remote sharing, and patiently walks me through the learning process.

I mention these things because I think it is important that the reader understand how much David truly cares about his clients. If you are considering David as someone to meet your needs in the computer world, I fully believe you will never find someone as dedicated as he is to please you and do one hell of a great job.

–Turley Richards (Louisville KY)
Producer, Singer, Songwriter, and Author

AJ Bischoff Designs

GloryKidd Technologies has been a pleasure to work with over the past few years to create and maintain my website. They have expertly answered my questions regarding various aspects of my site from wallpapers to widgets. In 2014, David contacted me to let me know of the latest that GloryKidd Technologies has to offer. I was able to upgrade my website to a new platform and add eCommerce and a shopping cart. I was more than thrilled of this opportunity, and even better is that my new site is easier to use and to add items for sale. Dave worked with me on the layout and content of my new site, offered ideas to help draw in customers, and took my ideas and said, "Yes, we can also do that with this new platform." I am sure he can help anyone looking to create a website for themselves or their company, and from a simple blog to full on eCommerce. I highly recommend his services.

-Alica Bischoff (Huntsville AL)

AJ Bischoff Designs

In 1992, Alica became a member of the Gem and Mineral Society of the Virginia Peninsula after speaking with a local private jewelry store owner about some rocks she sifted for at a tourist stop in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Mickey Clark

Mickey Clark is a veteran performer and a respected songwriter, with his songs having been recorded by the Kingston Trio, Tompall and the Glaser Brothers, the Oak Ridge Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, and more...

Al Manning Ministries

People need a safe place where they can be listened to, affirmed and genuinely cared for and this comes through relationships.

Allison Organizes

Any cluttered area can be transformed into a space that is not only functional, but pleasing. After a space is set up to fit your needs, it can now be fully utilized for the purpose it is intended for.

Tech B Magic

Welcome to Techbmagic the place where we strive to make the magic of technology a little less mystical for people who are lost in the world of 1010101010.

Elusive Software

Elusive software is our blog for writing about our path to developer greatness, or at least the journey. The fact that we never achieve the "highest" level of code excellence is the point of the moniker - ELUSIVE.

Varitech Inc

Providing Complete Generator System Sales and Service for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Clients, and Compressor/CNG Service and Repair.

Yeshua's Brand Worship

Yeshua’s Brand is a group of musicians based out of Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. We exist only because of Jesus Christ, and our passion is to see hearts awakened and the Spirit of God move in the lives of people through music and the declaration of His Word.

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