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Headshot of David Nuckolls

David Nuckolls

Chief Executive Officer

For over 25 years David Nuckolls has brought excellence to the programming world, developing fluency in .net, RoR, php, and more. In 1995 he started GloryKidd Technologies LLC to provide exceptional quality service and creative digital solutions to his customer's IT problems.

Headshot of Allison Nuckolls

Allison Nuckolls

Chief Financial Officer

Allison Nuckolls is the Chief Financial Officer for GloryKidd Technologies LLC. She joined GloryKidd Technologies in 2006. Allison has a background in teaching and believes in providing great customer service. and looks forward to bridging the needs of customers with the GloryKidd staff.

Headshot of Joel Majors

Joel Majors

Service Delivery Manager

Joel has a lifelong passion for technology and a variety of experience. From customer service to teaching english abroad to video editing to software development, excellence is his goal. With a particular focus on web environments, he has become a valuable member of the GloryKidd team.

Headshot of John Gilliland

John Gilliland

Senior Engineer

John is a full stack .Net developer with 15+ years of experience coding web, desktop and embedded applications. He feels blessed to be able to do work he enjoys, be proud of, and at times do very well! John has been and asset to GloryKidd on numerous projects and can always be relied on to deliver.

Headshot of Doyle Turner

Doyle Turner

Senior Engineer

Doyle is driven by desire and fueled by ability to create well-written software solutions. Never at rest, he brings his ever-expanding skill set to identify and resolve problems facing businesses today. Doyle's combination of experience and training are a powerful part of the GloryKidd team.

Headshot of Becca Hill

Rebecca Hill

Senior Sales Associate

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Headshot of Sherrie Plouchard

Sherrie Plouchard

Senior Sales Associate

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Mission Statement

GloryKidd's mission is to leverage technology to help spread the Gospel. We will use our skills and talents to this end, and learn new skills to further push the envelope whenever possible. We will continue to provide the highest standard of excellence to all clients, helping them to achieve their goals. Overall, GloryKidd will provide the type and style of service that will reflect God in all that we do and say.

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